Inspired by Travel

I have been blessed to get to visit many different places and absorb different cultures - this piece takes me immediately back to the coast of Italy where I got to browse pottery, eat pastry and "sip" the Limoncello.

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A Classic

I love a good classic be it a t-shirt, jeans, hair style, song, book... something that never goes out of style. I try to capture that in my art - I try to create something that will last forever, will go with everything and gets better with time.

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Middle School

What can I say, it was an impressionable time and still influences my art today. I was always dreaming of ways to get to the big city and one of those ways was to become a ballerina. I didn't become a ballerina but I did get to NYC and went to the ballet.

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Art that blends with every style

Whether you prefer traditional or modern, boho or preppy...

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Love the minimalist strokes and composition.


Heather, your art is beautiful! And the sleek, modern rooms you use for display REALLY offset your work in a stunning way! I just wanted to tell you I admire your talent. I love the clean lines of the rooms, and the fresh look of your art.


I love how you're giving structure to a formless art (abstract expressionism) by pairing it with a brief literary piece!


Commission Works

I have been lucky to get to create work for some wonderful clients

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